Archaeological Soil Micromorphology Working Group

All training in "Soil Micromorphology"



  1. Intensive Training Course on "Soil Micromorphology"
    8-19 June (Barcelona, Spain)
  2. Intensive Training Course on "Microscopy of soils and regoliths in tropical and subtropical regions"
    31 August - 12 September 2009 (Ghent, Belgium)
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  3. Training week in "Archaeological soil micromorphology"
    2-6 November 2009 (London, UK)
    9-13 November 2009: follow up week, personal practice
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  1. "Geoarchaeology, Landscape to Laboratory and Back Again!"
    15-17 April 2009 (Sheffield, UK)
  2. "Developing International Geoarchaeology Conference + Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis"
    25-29 maggio 2009 (Ontario, Canada)
  3. "Archaeological Soil Micromorphology"
    27-29 maggio 2009 (Poviglio (RE), Italia)
  4. "Micromorphology for paleopedological and geoarchaeological research"
    25-29 novembre 2009 (Mexico City, Mexico)