Portale europeo del suolo

Panos Panagos

Censimento delle organizzazioni che si occupano di suolo in Europa sul sito del JRC:
Inviateci i vostri riferimenti.
L'AIP armonizzerà le informazioni pervenute su scala nazionale ed invierà al JRC
un elenco che contenga anche le tipologie di coinvolgimento.


Dear Italian Colleagues,
The European Soil Portal publishes an inventory of Soil related
Organisations in Europe: eusoils.jrc.ec.europa.eu/library/links/soil.cfm
The objective of this Directory is to facilitate the public user in order to
find the requested information resources in national or regional level. As
the European Soil Portal is highly visible, we are often receiving requests
for national or regional information regarding soils. Also, this Directory
may give us the opportunity for future communication and further
collaboration. We have reached your web site and we have added a link
towards your resources which we find relative to the work that we are
performing. Please forward this message also to people who are dealing with
Soils or Environmental Protection in your organisation or in your Country.
Also, I would like that you add a link in your website towards the European
Soil Portal:


In this way, we may have closer collaboration in the near future.
This Soil Portal contributes to a thematic data infrastructure for soils in
Europe. It presents data and information regarding soils at European level.
It connects to activities within Joint Research Centre(JRC) concerning soil.
Also, in the European Soil Portal, you may find information related to the
European Soil Data Centre (ESDAC) which is the thematic centre for soil
related data in Europe. A large number of resources is freely available to
any user: Data, Maps, Applications- Services, Documents - Publications in
Journals - Books, Information about Soil Themes and Soil Related Projects,
Soil related events and presentations, etc. All those resources are
distributed for free to all internet users.
In case your organisation hosts soil-related data or applications and makes
them available to the public user, we would like to publish the relative
information in our "National Datasets":


or "Regional Datasets":


JRC offers biggest digital soil map archive in the world – for free. As a
further development of the European Soil Data Center (ESDAC), a full archive
of digital soil maps has been delivered on-line for free, unrestricted
access for external users. It includes 5665 maps from 130 countries and
forms the single biggest digital soil map archive in the world:


In case you have identified Soil Maps in your country and you would like to
publish them through the soil portal, please keep us aware.
Moreover, any public user can be subscribed in the Eusoils mailing list
which has been set up in order to keep interested persons up to date with
the latest contents on this site (one Newsletter every month). If you are
interested to receive this information, send an email to
panos.panagos@jrc.it with subject "Inform me about EUSOILS" or just reply on this mail.
Any feedback related to the contents of the European Soil Portal is welcomed.
Thank you for your collaboration,
Kind Regards,

Panos Panagos
Web, GIS and Database Development
Land Management / SOIL action
European Commission - Joint Research Centre