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European Atlas of Soil Biodiversity


JRC - IES (2010)

Pag. 128 - Euro 25,00 (per la copia cartacea)

Editore: European Union

ISBN: 978-92-79-15806-3, ISSN: 1018-559



The JRC published, for the first time, an indicator based map of potential threats to soil biodiversity, in order to guide decision-makers in protecting this crucial resource. The biodiversity within our soils plays a vital role in agriculture and in the water and carbon cycle. The atlas brings to the public view the whole range of life in the soil and the crucial role it plays in maintaining other ecosystems. It also highlights areas within Europe where soil biodiversity is most at risk of decline relative to the current situation. The publication provides a comprehensive source of information for researchers, policy makers and teachers. This visually stunning publication, coordinated by the JRC Institute for Environment and Sustainability (IES), uses striking photographs, informative texts and maps to explain and illustrate the great diversity of life in the across Europe.

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Novità editoriali

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